Trustee/HR Professionals

You need to know. Transparency is the key.

New Regulations

Fee disclosure regulations require that a Trustee determines that a retirement plan’s fees are reasonable annually. If you are relying on the average of what everyone else is doing, there is a better way.

Build Trust With Transparency

QPSteno allows you to track the activities of your retirement plan vendors, adding clarity to the relationship. Once you understand where your vendors are spending their time, you can appropriately determine the reasonableness of the fees they are charging.

Save Time. Save Money

By providing a central repository for your plan’s activity, QPSteno can help you and your vendors minimize duplication of effort on your plan

Reduce Redundancy

Multiply the number of employees you have times $2,000, and that is the amount that you could be saving per year by allowing your 401k vendors to educate your employees instead of duplicating efforts among vendors.

Real Tracking. Real ROI.

If you are relying on 404(c) coverage for your plan, QPSteno is a must to record the education that a participant had access to receiving, or in which he or she participated.