Who Are We?

The search for a better way is what brought you to this point. So, even more reason to ask the question of us. Why trust us to give you a 401k management solution that will satisfy you and the new legal requirements you must meet?

Well... our story begins below.

Meet Matt

Matt Hunter, co-founder of QPSteno

The story of Matt's career started at a small consulting firm while in college where he discovered a discarded server and decided to rebuild it. Thus began a lifelong fascination with computer work and electronic commerce. Matt is multi-disciplined in the areas of application development, infrastructure scaling, personnel and project management.

As a co-founder of QPSteno, Matt has overseen the technical and engineering design of the software, focusing on the website, social media, and high-level software sub-systems. Additionally, he evaluates new technology enhancements, manages system testing, and handles technical interface with key vendors.

Prior to QPSteno, Matt was the CTO and co-founder of several other start-ups, which designed specialized high end e-commerce websites and software. Matt has proven to be an inventor, entrepreneur, technologist and business leader with executive experience in both Fortune 500 and small companies. Prior to his successful start-ups he was formerly in Project Management leadership at multiple companies focusing on project delivery, technology strategy, and IT services.

The Next Chapter...

He would assemble a team of professionals to help build the a product that they know will change forever how the industry looks at reasonableness of fees.